Frozen mackerel

Also, in this category Grøntvedt Pelagic is one of the world’s leading pelagic companies specializing in mackerel products customized to customer preferences.

Our quick freezing makes our product special: we call it premium pack.

Our customers have a wide variety of requests – from skin and skinless mackerel fillets, to whole round – HC.
We make it all.

  • Gradings whole round fish: 250-400gr / 300-500gr / 400-600gr / 600gr+
  • Gradings filets with skin:  40-60gr / 60-80gr / 80-100gr / other sizes on request
  • Grading filets without skin: On your request

Carton sizes: 

  • 10 kg VAC Premium Pack wrapped on pallets (no master carton)
  • 10 kg VAC Premium Pack x 2 pcs in 20 kg master carton
  • 20 kg VAC Premium Pack carton

Please contact us for custom made products.

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What makes mackerel from Norway so special? It begins with our cold, clear waters - the perfect environment for this distinctive fish From our sustainable fishing practices that protect our shores, to our quality controls, put in place from fishery to fork, and of course, the delicious flavour in every bite. Every step in the process ensures the highest quality of mackerel.

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The Atlantic mackerel is easily recognized by its round, beautifully streamlined body, filled with irregular bands of metallic green and blue along the back. This fast swimming fish have to move constantly as they “breathe” by a method known as ram ventilation, which requires a constant flow of water across the gill surfaces.


Food safety Annual HACCP approval by Norwegian food authorise Mattilsynet:   ST-131 Grøntvedt Pelagic As.