Marinated herring

Grøntvedt Pelagic is one of the world’s leading pelagic companies specializing in herring products customized to customer preferences.

Our customers have a wide variety of requests – from both skin and skinless herring fillets, to pieces or HC,
salted and marinated herring to chopped and pickled herring or herring in the customer’s own seasoning mixture.

We make it all, in sizes on your request: 

  • Salted - Spiced - Sugar cured HK (head cut)
  • Sugar marinated salted pieces in spice mix, with or without onion
  • Salted filets - pieces
  • Spiced filets - pieces
  • Vinegar filets - flaps - pieces
  • Sugar marinated filets - pieces
  • Matjes original (HOL-matjes frozen in VAC pack 2 pcs x 8 kg in master carton a 16 kg. net. weight)
  • Matjes original (Scandinavian type)
  • Matjes pre-marinated


  • Barrels
  • Tubes
  • 20 kg VAC premium pack

Please contact us for custom made products.

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What makes herring from Norway so special? It begins with our cold, clear waters - the perfect environment for Herring. From our sustainable fishing practices that protect our shores, to our quality controls, put in place from fishery to fork, and of course, the delicious flavour in every bite. Every step in the process ensures the highest quality of herring.

Herring has an important place in Norwegian culture too. Norway has long, dark winter nights and herring has provided a much-needed source of vitamin D for our people. It is also a good source of protein and healthy fats, making it a healthy choice wherever you are in the world.

Please have a look at for more information about north sea herring.

The Norwegian Spring Spawning herring (NVG) stock is at a sustainable level. This is a result of a large spawning biomass and a highly functional management plan.

The North Sea herring (NSS) stock is at a sustainable level.
Herring is caught in a directed fishery by purse-seiners and trawlers and as by-catch in the industrial fishery. The Norwegian fishery is mainly by purse-seiners. The fishery is most intense in the second half of the year, aiming at the mature and spawning stock component.

MSC certificate:    MSC-F-61406 North Sea herring


MSC certificate:    MSC-C-50921 Grøntvedt Pelagic As

Food safety Annual HACCP approval by Norwegian food authorise Mattilsynet:              ST-131 Grøntvedt Pelagic As.